Camilo Nu

Camilo is a multi-instrumentalist who has played with musicians and genres from many different worlds. He has dedicated his musical career to the study of flamenco and North African music, with the constant investigation into their relationship to traditional Mexican musical styles. His current music project is Flamexico, where traditional Mexican folks songs are translated into bulerias and alegrias of the flamenco style.

To learn more about Camilo and hear music from his different projects check out his website.


Estanzuela – MEXICO

Based in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, all members have grown up immersed in this tradition and for more than 17 years Estanzuela has been performing the jarocho repitoire.

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Diego Guerrero – SPAIN

Latin grammy nominated flamenco composer, singer and guitarist.


Abdesalam Alikane – MOROCCO

Master gnawi and director of the the band Tyour Gnawa. Abdesalam is also one of the directors of the Festival of Gnawa and World Music in Essaouira.

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Gilberto Gutierrez Silva – MEXICO

Gilberto is the director of the legendary son jarocho group Mono Blanco. His initiatives are partly responsible for recovering the son jarocho music and the fandango, which at one time was knowledge that was only held with a few living elders.

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Sergio Gomez “El Calorao” – SPAIN

Abderrahim Amrani – MOROCCO

Abderrahim is leader of the Hamadcha Sufi Confederation of Fes, Morocco.

For more information about the Hamadcha Sufi Condederation

Ramon Gutierrez Hernandez – MEXICO

Ramon is a prodigious and innovative requinto player and is the director of Son de Madera, one of the top bands in the genre of son jarocho.

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Monica Nuñez – SPAIN

Flamenco Singer

Les Fils du Detroit – MOROCCO

Les Fils Du Detroit is a Moroccan Andalusian Orchestra based in Tangier, Morocco.

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Sonex – MEXICO

Sonex is a jarocho fusion band that represents the new generation of the genre.

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Mariel Rojo, Leika Mochán, Iraida Noriega – MEXICO

Chlouh Berbers of Essaouira – MOROCCO

Abderrahim & Mustafa lead a the Chlouf Berber group based out of Essaouira, Morocco


Ruben Albarran – MEXICO

Lead singer for Cafe Tacuba

Gilberto Gil – BRAZIL

Brazilian musician

Cheb Khaled – ALGERIA

King of Rai music

Natasha Atlas – ENGLAND / EGYPT

Arab singer and world musician

Jorge Strunz – USA / COSTA RICA

Guitar virtuoso and member of the world music duo Strunz & Farah